The heartbeat of each employee is responsible for pumping the lifeblood of its employer.

How then, does an employer make sure it succeeds long into the future by increasing employee retention and satisfaction, saving cost on health insurance, and market itself as the most desirable companies to work for?

We’ll tell you how. Through the installation of a Corporate Wellness Program for all to participate in.


Studies have shown that the wellness of employees is on the decline, and healthcare costs are on the rise – averaging a 5.5% increase each year projected from 2017-2027. This is a shocking number, especially since much of this increase is absolutely preventable. One study declares that 50% of healthcare costs are attributed to preventable illnesses such as smoking, inactivity, weight gain, depression, high stress and hypertension. 

Over two decades of research have shown that corporate wellness programs are of incredible value to a company. On average, employees who participate in their company’s wellness program see a 25% reduction in absent days, current health plans, disability insurance and worker’s compensation. Additionally, each participant experiences an additional 10 hours of increased productivity annually. 

So, how can we combat this decline in employee health and increase the vitality and subsequent success of your company?


At The Quad, we design customized wellness programs for corporate clients who want to see their employees improve their health, wellbeing, and mental sharpness. We’ve designed a program that focuses not only on exercise, but takes a holistic approach focusing on the education of each participant and equipping them with the tools, resources and support to improve every area of their wellbeing. 

Your custom program includes prescription based exercise for each individual, nutrition counseling, lifestyle & stress management, and introduces mindfulness – the key to sustainability.