The following products are ones we use everyday and highly recommend to all our family, friends, clients and YOU!

We’ve chosen to partner with these companies as an affiliate (which means for every purchase made, we get a small kickback) because we believe in their products, mission and business practices.

Rasa – Adaptogenic Coffee

Your daily coffee, now with a hug for your nervous system. ūü§ó

This¬†signature¬†Rasa adaptogen formula is blended with organic, fair trade coffee‚ÄĒsourced only from women-owned and operated farms. For days when you need that extra boost, it‚Äôs one of our favorite ways to enjoy Rasa.

The adaptogens in our signature formula balance out the¬†nervous system and adrenal impacts of the coffee for a¬†sustainable energy boost that many¬†who are sensitive to coffee say is “the only coffee¬†they can drink.”


Did you know that EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) emitted from our daily devices (cell phones, computers, WIFI routers, for example) are harmful to your health? They can damage your cells causing all sorts of negative effects such as sleep disturbances, headaches, anxiety, and in extreme cases…even cancer.

Airestech is a top of the line, EMF protection device company that we have been using to buffer ourselves against harmful exposure.

Their products are designed to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by data-transmitting electronics, such as cell phone, cordless phones, wireless earpieces, wireless headsets, computers, laptops, monitors, smart TVs, baby monitors, Wi-Fi routers and more.